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Pure Shot, Basketball Shooting Apparatus, Basketball Shooting Aid

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Get your players in proper shooting form. Pure Shot forces players to control the ball with their shooting hand only. Shooting with one hand only will help shooting develop touch and follow through which are key to shooting the basketball properly. The Pure Shot shooting aid will eliminate the use of the non-shooting hand, the hand that generally causes thumbing which causes the side-spin when shooting and not the correct backspin that you want for the perfect shot.
PURE SHOT Shooting Aid can also be used to develop the weak hand in dribbling, passing,and shooting layups. Wear on your dominant strong hand during basketball drills and practice.
Durable hard plastic
Adjustable Velcro®️ Fasteners
One size fits all

Diameter: 8.1'' / 20,7 cm
Weight: 0.12 pounds / 60 gram